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How to get the course

The course is now ready on Udemy and you can get it for FREE right HERE


Course Description

This course will teach you everything you really need to know to start trading the forex market today

I will show you the exact strategies taught to me when I was trading in the banks, and you can use these to make consistent profits easily.

I implement a method that I call the checklist method, which helps traders spot winning trades by filling up a checklist. This helps eliminate most of the uncertainty traders tend to have when entering into trades.

I know you time is precious and so I’ve condensed all the important material into this crash course. It won’t take you long to finish the material and get started on trading.

Nothing will be kept secret as I share all that I have learnt with you. Avoid all the mistakes that new traders make that prevent them from making consistent profits.


What are the requirements

Keep an open mind

This course is suitable for all levels.

Join if you wish to trade the same way the institutions do


What am I going to get from this course

You will learn to use the checklist to trade profitably

How to choose a broker

How to set up and use metatrader

You will learn the trading methodology that banks and institutions use

You will learn how to analyse and interpret news

You will learn where you can get all the information

Understand how to choose the right pair to trade

Learn and understand how to use technical analysis

You will learn to read the calendar of economic events

You will master the art of setting targets and stoploss

You will learn how to size your trades with good risk management