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5 Key Factors Affecting Exchange Rates
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When trying to keep up to date with all the news on the internet and on the TV, it is easy to get caught up with the magnitude or information and its variety. However not all of it is vital … Read More

5 Common Questions About Forex Answered
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Q: How is the forex market different from the other markets? A: Unlike the other markets, the forex market does not operate on an exchange. It is also not regulated by any central governing body. It is also the most … Read More

Why Is It Important To Understand Central Banks
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Let’s imagine a country is going to hike its rates next, but some economic data that the central bank watches changes, for example employment data or inflation, and the market feels that the hike is going to be delayed longer … Read More

Where and How to Get Started
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One of the greatest barriers that new traders often have, is that they are too afraid to even start, thinking that it will cost them money, time and a lot of effort. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Whilst … Read More

Which Session To Trade
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Not all sessions are equal in volume. As professional traders we will be focusing mainly on the London session and the New York session. London session opens 8am – 5pm London time and the New York session 9.30am-4pm New York … Read More

Look At Your Trading As A Business
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A lot of times, new traders look at trading as a way of spending their spare time much like a hobby. In other times they look at it as a golden goose, expecting it to provide them with extra cash … Read More